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UPVC Door Locks

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There are certain situations that warrant emergency locksmith services. Here we want to present a few examples of circumstances where professional attention will be needed within an immediate time frame for your UPVC door locks. In these scenarios we would endeavour to reach you as quickly as possible to help repair the problem.UPVC Door Locks 

Broken Front Door Locks

You and your family will not be able to rest easy until your UPVC front door problem is dealt with and the doors are properly lockable. Whether it's a faulty handle, broken lock or that the door won't close properly, you'll want to get it seen to right away. In most cases, only one or two parts need to be replaced for the door to close and lock fully. An emergency locksmith will assess the damage and advise you on what's necessary to secure the door right away. Often a follow up visit is not necessary as the damage is typically repairable in one session. 

Losing Keys Somewhere Local

If you've been out and about and lost your keys, but know you've stayed local while you had them, your homes security is certainly compromised. Whenever you lose your keys you should have the locks changed as immediately as possible. You never know who's picked them up and it isn't worth chancing it. It is possible for us to perform a lock change on your UPVC doors without the keys. We can use a range of specialist tools and techniques to align the cam of your UPVC door lock to the appropriate position, allowing us to remove the euro cylinder. Removing this part without the key is extremely difficult without the necessary expertise. 

Expert UPVC Door Lock services 

Call Locksmith Battersea for expert UPVC door lock services including troubleshooting, door alignment, handle repair, lock repair and expert lock installation. Our professionals are trained to work on a wide range of UPVC door designs including a variety or brand manufactured models. We can replace all types of cylinder lock and fully repair your UPVC door back to perfect working order within an emergency timeframe to suit your needs.  

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