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The most reliable tips that vehicle and home owners could follow concerning locks and keys can be found on this page. Find out what the expert locksmiths in the industry have to share and learn from them.


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  • Keep your UPVC locks lubricated properly

    Lubricating your UPVC locking mechanisms is important for their continual good health. If your lock is jamming or you have to jiggle your key every time you try and open it, then you need to apply dry lubricant such as graphite to them immediately. Do so sparingly and it should work properly. If you’re not comfortable doing so, then call a locksmith for help.

  • Take care of your keys

    Keys are important for your security. Take care of them by keeping them out of places with moisture. If you lose them, change them. DON'T replace them or leave them on doors either, especially close to openings because someone might grab them. Avoid trusting them with kids, too.

  • Get the right locks

    When you decide to install new locks in the house, you obviously want to increase security. So, make sure to pick the perfect security locks for front doors, sliding and patio doors, and windows. Locksmith Battersea is here for assistance. Locks should be resistant and durable.

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