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Everyone uses locks and keys, but not everyone uses them correctly. Make sure that you know how to get things right with these security devices. This FAQ page is designed to help you with this. It provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in the entire locksmith industry.

We Know How to Pick Locks and Replace Broken Keys Fast

Why doesn't the key turn in the lock? What should you do to avoid break-ins? Lock and key related questions are endless. A good start to put your thoughts in order is to take a look of our own answers here. We actually answer all your frequently asked questions and we keep them short

  • Is a UPVC lock useless on glazed doors?

    Glazed doors might be beautiful, but they don’t offer the best security since they are made from large sheets of glass which can easily be broken, making the superior UPVC locking mechanisms useless. If you have or want glazed doors, consider installing a stylish metal grille over them to ensure that they offer greater security, without sacrificing on aesthetics.

  • Should I install window locks too?

    Simple latches won't help you feel secure at home. Today, there are many variations among security window locks. You should install the best and most convenient locks for you because intruders often break in from windows even if they have to climb trees and ladders.

  • Can I retrieve a broken key alone?

    It's really hard to extract broken keys, especially if there's no part of them protruding from the lock. In this case, you'll need the assistance of Locksmith Battersea for broken key extraction. If you see a small part protruding, use pliers to remove it.

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